A donation as small as $5 will help our leadership team by providing free housing, covered living expenses, social services, and a supportive community.

Your donations will directly support the marginalized population that Uloma Immigrants’ House organization supports, so they can gradually adapt to the community. Please help us in creating this safe and supportive community!

Your donation will help support immigrant populations and reduce the financial burden on them while navigating the American system.

Some of these costs that Uloma Immigrants’ House supports are:

The citizenship fee: The current fee to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization is $725. As of writing, this is the fee you will have to pay to file your Form N-400.

  • ESL Classes: $5-$100
  • Monthly Groceries: $200
  • Monthly Utilities: $150
  • Monthly Personal Hygiene and Clothes Allowance: $100
  • Phone Bill: $50
  • Internet: $50

All contributions to UIH are tax-deductible.

Give Hope: $100
“Body, Mind & Soul” Project
  • Interpretation & Translation
  • English Language Training Referral
Uloma (Economic) Empowerment Program
  • Basic Employment Preparation
  • Individual Vocational Training
  • Citizenship & Immigration
  • General Information Appointment
Give Inspiration: $150
“Body, Mind & Soul” Project
  • Information & Referral Appointment
  • Individual Sustainability Planning
  • Home Management Training
  • Emergency/Crisis Intervention & Support
  • Health/Wellbeing Intervention & Support
  • Women’s/Men’s Support Groups
Uloma (Economic) Empowerment Program
  • Individual Employment Planning
  • Employment Strategies, including resumé, job search application and interviewing
Give Strength: $250
“Body, Mind & Soul” Project
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Planning
  • Coordinating Basic Needs of 10 Families
Uloma (Economic) Empowerment
  • Job Orientation & Placement
  • Citizenship & Immigration
  • Green Card Application Process
  • U.S. Citizenship Application Process
Give Resiliency: $500
“Body, Mind & Soul” Project
  • Social Adjustment Workshop for 15 People
  • Women’s Health Workshop for 15 People
Uloma (Economic) Empowerment Program
  • Employment Workshop for 15 people
  • Specialized Employment Preparation
Give Empowerment: $1000
  • Sponsor a Family of Four for One Month
Give Sustainability: $5000
  • Sponsor our Body, Mind & Soul” Project for One Month
  • Sponsor our Uloma (Economic) Empowerment Program for One month


Uloma Immigrants’ House
P.O. Box 5339
Flint, MI 48505

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